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Bonnie Bailey  Songbook Volume 1

Bonnie Bailey Songbook Volume 1

At the height of the success of Hed Kandi, Bonnie Bailey featured on virtually every chill-out and beach compilation. Her work during this time was a collaborative effort with the legendary producer Eric Kupper. She also scored a Top 40 chart hit with her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.” In the following years her track “Ever After” became a no.1 airplay hit in Asia and her Youtube plays on this one track soared to over 4 million.

However the planned album release on Hed Kandi never materialized leaving numerous tracks unreleased. Bonnie & Eric continued to work together and released a number of tracks on the newly formed Fierce Angel records but a full collection of these classic tracks have never been made available.

For the first time ever Fierce Angel have collected and remastered every track produced in the studio with the legendary Eric Kupper. From acoustic chill to dance-floor anthems this is the definitive release from a truly amazing singer / songwriter and a legendary producer.

Bonnie Bailey Songbook Volume 1

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Mark Doyle

July 11th, 2018

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